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Jun 12 2023 -

Sanguine Rhapsody

t last, the time has come to unveil some intriguing tidbits about the riches you may reap from Rotten Blood if you traverse the unhallowed grounds and vanquish the festering decay.

Sanguine Power

In addition to their impressive values, the new best-in-slot items are infused with sanguine power: each item enhances one of your vocation's finest spells, similar to the Wheel of Destiny. The new weapons will also be obtainable as special versions. The strength of their augment surpasses that of the regular version, hence their prefix Grand and their refined appearance.

While we leave their detailed stats for the test server, you can already gaze upon their elegant craftsmanship, their names and elements, and their augments:

Hover over image for name and element


Knight weapons: Fierce Berserk
Paladin weapons: Divine Caldera
Sorcerer weapons: Great Fire Wave and Energy Wave
Druid weapons: Strong Ice Wave and Terra Wave

The augment on a regular sanguine weapon has a strong impact, approximately half of the damage increase you can gain from the spell's augmentation in the Wheel of Destiny.
The augment on a grand sanguine weapon has a powerful impact, similar to the damage increase you can gain from the spell's augmentation in the Wheel of Destiny. 

Legs, boots: Reduces cooldown of avatar spell by 9 minutes.

Obtaining Sanguine Items

The new best-in-slot items can drop in a bag you covet from Bakragore's four children. Taints will raise this drop chance. 
Upon defeating Bakragore for the first time, you have an increased chance to drop a bag you covet. This chance will keep on increasing further with every kill until you loot a bag from him. Then, your drop chance returns to its original value which is considerably lower than the increased first-kill chance. Each time you subsequently defeat him without receiving a bag, your chances increase again till your next drop.

Bearing taints also gives you the chance to loot tainted hearts and darklight hearts from regular monsters in Rotten Blood. The higher the number of taints, the higher their drop chance. So, what is their purpose?
Once you have killed Bakragore for the first time, you can use an altar in the Blood Vestibule for a crimson offering:
If you sacrifice 5 tainted hearts, 5 darklight hearts and 50,000,000 gold, you will obtain a bag you covet including a best-in-slot item.

Defeating Bakragore while suffering from his burden is the only way to have a chance at looting the grand versions of the new best-in-slot weapons. The higher the burden stage, the higher the chance to loot a best-in-slot item from Bakragore and the higher the chance for the weapons to drop as a grand version.

Promotion Scrolls

There is another magnificent treasure you can seize from Bakragore: promotion scrolls. The smallest one grants your character 3 promotion points which you can spend in your Wheel of Destiny, the most powerful one bestows a whopping 20 points on your character. 

The higher the burden stage in your fight, the greater the chance to loot a more potent scroll from Bakragore. Each character above level 51 can only use each type of scroll once, so in total a character can gain 50 additional promotion points this way.

Of course, there are more valuables and accomplishments which you can bring back with you from this defiled place. We hope you are eager to explore Rotten Blood, to push your limits and reap the glory.

To the adventurous and the brave, 
To the inquisitive and the curious, 
To the stalwart and unyielding who venture to their edge and beyond,

This is your calling.

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