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Jul 14 2023 -

Title Wave: Fresh Titles for Tibia

oes your character hoist their title like a proud ensign on a sturdy ship? Is their title a beacon, radiating the essence of their identity across the high seas of adventure?

If you see titles as an opportunity to echo your character's tale, our new contest is your inkwell to add another quill stroke on the parchment of their existence:

Unleash your creativity and propose new titles that Tibians can secure to narrate their sagas to the world.

Entries can only be submitted via the designated feedback form until July 19, 2023, 23:59 CEST. Make sure to read the conditions of participation there before submitting your entry.

We community managers and members of our content team will select a total of 10 winners. These titles will be implemented with the winter update 2023. We may adjust winning titles slightly if necessary, e.g. to provide both male and female versions ingame (e.g. Aspiring Huntsman, Aspiring Huntswoman).
In addition, their authors will receive 300 non-transferable Tibia Coins and a CM token each as soon as we have selected the winners.

Seize this opportunity to suggest the title that has forever danced in your dreams.

Ride the title wave!
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