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Jul 10 2023 -

Summer Update 2023

ith today's release of the summer update, let's delve into all the fresh experiences awaiting you:

Rotten Blood sends you into the Ruins of Drefia where some unprecedented dangers are lurking. Merciless final bosses and nasty challenges must be overcome on the way to fame and fortune. Only those endowed with immense strength and unwavering bravery will emerge victorious from this inferno. Who will be traversing the Tibian lands in the future carrying new and extraordinary artefacts? Whose name shall be forever enshrined in the legendary songs of heroism?

Paradise Lost serves as the sequel to the Grimvale Quest, where you embark on a journey to unravel the enigmatic secrets of an unknown island and its connection to the were-curse. Prepare to encounter new creatures, explore uncharted locations, and delve into a captivating background story. May your dreams be filled with wonder under the enchanting glow of the full moon.


The new Wheel of Destiny Preset function enables you to seamlessly switch between different configurations of the Wheel of Destiny while inside the temple. These presets can be imported and exported, allowing you to share your setups with friends or transfer them to another character.

The Wheel of Destiny Planner is a website tool specifically designed to assist you in personalising your character's preset according to your preferences. With this tool, you can choose a vocation and freely allocate points as desired. Additionally, it provides information on the number of Promotion Points needed for your current specification. Furthermore, you have the option to import and export your ingame setups.

The Loot Highlighting feature enhances your looting experience: A visual highlight allows you to easily spot unlooted corpses among the remains of defeated creatures.

The Managed Container Extension feature offers a convenient solution for organising items acquired from NPC traders or the stash. If enabled, purchased and retrieved items will be automatically placed into containers based on your pre-set filters.

Finally, the Bosstiary Tracker is a new widget designed to simplify progress tracking for selected bosses that have been defeated at least once. With this tiny little helper, you will be able to monitor your advancement by selecting bosses from the Cyclopedia and adding them to the widget. Additionally, this feature incorporates the Cooldown Time of Bosses, ensuring you stay informed about the status of each boss encounter. 

We hope you enjoy the summer update,
Your Community Managers