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May 23 2008 -
Improved NPC Chat System
n this week's update teaser, we want to introduce you to the new NPC chat system. Whenever you want to talk to one of the non-player citizens of Tibia, just address him or her as usual and an NPC channel will open up in which you talk to an NPC similar like talking to another player in a private message. This is an enormous advantage as it enables several players to talk with one NPC at the same time while avoiding spam and confusion in the default channel. Anyhow, since total silence and privacy would be boring, selected sentences of NPCs will still be displayed in default. That way you always know who an NPC is talking to and what their business might be. However, it will no longer be possible that another player blocks an NPC while you are in a hurry to talk with this particular non-player character. Also, long monologues of NPCs, which could previously be interrupted by other characters while you were trying to gather important quest information, can be read without any disturbance now.

Moreover, we have marked several keywords with a different colour to identify keywords to which NPCs react much more easily. This should allow particularly newcomers to understand the Tibian chat system more easily and to get important hints about the game, or to find the start for an easy quest. For this reason, all NPCs on Rookgaard have been provided with these special keywords, and also some NPCs on the main continent such as shopkeepers or spell trainers. Of course, quests on the main continent will not be spoilt by the new system so you don't need to worry that there is nothing left to find out by yourself!

This is only one improvement that will be implemented concerning the interaction with NPCs. However, another huge change will be the topic for a later teaser. Take a look at our news section regularly, so you do not miss our weekly teasers.

Get ready for the summer update!
Your CipSoft Team

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