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May 26 2008 -
New T-Shirts in Our Merchandise Shop
ore than a half year ago, we have added merchandising for your favourite online role playing game Tibia. Of course, we were also very interested in things that you would like to see in our marketplace. For this reason, we have started a feedback form in which we have asked you for your ideas for cool new T-shirt slogans. The 10 most promising ideas have been presented to the Tibia community in a poll. Our graphics artists have created designs for the 3 slogans with the most votes.

The winners, which come from the UK, Mexico and the USA, have of course obtained a T-shirt with their own design. All others have the possibility to buy one of these great T-shirts at Tibia's marketplace now. Hurry up, get yourself one of the community's most favourite T-shirts!

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