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May 30 2008 -
Revamped Areas and New Hunting Grounds
ven though there will be no new area this time, several existing areas will appear in a new look after the summer update. Premium adventurers should definitely visit Darashia which has been greatly rebuilt by Tibia's busy craftsmen. New walls, beautiful ornaments, carriages, and streets covered with golden sand, all add to the oriental look of the desert city. The surrounding desert was spiced up with dunes and skeletal remains. But also other areas have been embellished, for example Femor Hills and the amazon camp appear in a new look.

Most remarkably, however, Kazordoon has been revised. Many graphical elements have been added. Precious wall decorations, new statues, colourful crystals, smithy constructions and countless other things give the dwarven city a new and much more fitting look.

Additionally, a new transportation system allows you to move around much more quickly in Kazordoon. Ore wagons will serve the 5 most important locations: depot, shopping quarter, temple, steam boat and main gate. Simply hop in the correct wagon and it will bring you to the destination of your choice.

What is more, we have added several new hunting grounds. To mention just a few, orc land offers much more space to hunt. The amazon camp has not only been embellished, but also the hunting ground there has been significantly enlarged. Dwarven caves have been added on Cormaya and in Tiquanda. Thais offers a new dungeon in which you can collect the popular bat wings. Also, a complete new underwater area has been added. Rumour has it that even an evil sea serpent is dwelling there. Be careful whenever you dare to enter this area or you might end up as a tasty treat for this nasty creature.

Please note: As Kazordoon and Darashia have been largely rebuilt, it will be necessary to empty all houses of these two cities with the summer update. All items will either be moved automatically to the depot to which the house belongs or can be removed by the house owner manually. There are still a few weeks left until the update will be launched. Still, if you are planning to redecorate your house on a grand scale, you are better advised to wait until the update is here.

Have a look at our supported fansites to see more pictures of the new and revamped areas.

Enjoy Tibia's new look!
Your CipSoft Team