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Nov 02 2023 -

Exaltation Forge Enhancement

s already announced via our sneak peek a few weeks ago, this year's winter update will introduce some new features to the Exaltation Forge.

There are two new options which you can access by ticking off the respective check box "Convergence" in the dialogue.

Convergence Fusion

For items of classification 4, you now have the option to fuse different objects of the same body slot, provided that they are of the same tier. Unlike the normal fuse option, this process comes at a substantial additional cost in gold, offers a guaranteed result, but cannot trigger any bonus effects. This fusion method is called Convergence Fusion, and it incurs a cost of 130 Dust.

Convergence Transfer

This new option eliminates the tier loss during the transfer, but comes with a significantly higher gold price. The feature is also exclusive to classification 4 items. The gold costs associated with the option are roughly the same to those when reaching the corresponding tier through the standard transfer/fusion method. The new specialised transfer method is called Convergence Transfer and requires 160 Dust.


In addition to the already existing slots, the Exaltation Forge has been expanded to incorporate the leg slot. Leg slot items have been assigned to one of the four item classifications. When equipped with a tiered leg piece, characters have a chance to transform into their vocation's Avatar Stage 3 whenever they use a weapon, offensive rune, or offensive spell. A higher tier increases the trigger chance of this effect. The Transcendence Avatar lasts for 7 seconds and in this form you benefit from 15% damage reduction and all your attacks are critical hits with 15% critical extra damage. 

Avatar of Steel Avatar of Light Avatar of Nature Avatar of Storm

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