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Nov 09 2023 -

More Convenience Features

nce again, we meet for our second feature teaser, with small yet delightful game tweaks that promise to add a dash of extra joy to your gaming experience.

A few of our veteran bosses have lost their edge, often falling faster than you can blink. Therefore, the winter update will make the old warhorses Ferumbras, Orshabaal, Morgaroth, and Ghazbaran a bit more resilient to give players a fair shot at joining the battle. Upon spawning, these bosses will take much less damage from your attacks. In the following seconds, their defence will decrease gradually to its normal value, making your attacks fully effective again.

The expansion of managed containers in the 2023 summer release has prompted numerous player requests for adjustments. We have been all ears and have now tailored the current system to better suit your needs. Therefore we are introducing the possibility to manage containers for items obtained through other means than looting, mirroring the categories for managed loot containers. With this premium feature, players can specify containers for organising items they purchase from NPCs, retrieve from depot/stashes, or acquire through various means like currency exchange, bank withdrawals, quest rewards, and forged items. 

Last but not least, a delectable addition for all you culinary connoisseurs out there! We have given the Hireling job "Cook" an update with a brand-new feature. Now, players have the luxury of handpicking their desired dish from the menu. For a mere 90,000 gold, you can savour your chosen delicacy. This is equivalent to what players typically have to spend on average to get their desired dish via the random method. Enjoy your gourmet journey and save space!

We hope that these convenience features will be welcomed additions!
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Upcoming next week: Stay tuned for some really fine gems!

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