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Jun 06 2008 -
New Quests
n today's teaser, we want to introduce you to some of the numerous new quests that will be implemented with Tibia's summer update.

As some of you have already assumed, it will indeed be necessary to complete a quest if you want to fight the evil sea serpent. Captain Haba in Svargrond has been hunting this malicious creature for many, many years. He would surely appreciate the help of some fearless adventurer. However, also other inhabitants have trouble with some nasty creatures. Jerom has just moved here, and he is already ruined. A gruesome troll has destroyed the house in which he wanted to open up his business. Now his future seems black. Maybe you can help him?
What is more, the orcs arm for war. Every brave soldier is needed to defend our realm against those evil green skins. Defend our outposts, help to uphold our lines of defence, spy out their war plans, and destroy their war constructions like these impressive siege towers.

Also the thieves guild is looking for new members. Sneaky and cunning characters are invited to learn the dubious business of being a swindler and trickster. Be warned, though, a criminal career is not only disapproved by many, it also requires much skill and talent if you do not want to end up in one of the city jails.
There are also a few new challenges for very experienced fighters. In one of them you will have to face some of the mightiest minions that serve the Ruthless Seven. Still, this is not all that the Ruthless Seven have brewed to destroy our beloved world. They have sent an extremely sinister demonic being to the main continent which can only be destroyed by the most courageous, smartest and strongest fighters.

A failed experiment has caused alarm in Edron's magic academy. Alverus had an unexpected encounter with some deathly cold creature that turned him into a block of ice in the twinkling of an eye. Now Arkulius needs your help to save his friend and colleague. After many nights and days of research, Arkulius seems to have found a solution. Only the power of the combined four elements, fire, ice, energy and earth, each representing a different vocation, can revive Alverus from his freezing jail. Teamwork is the key to success for this tricky quest.

Moreover, several new raids and numerous boss monsters have been added which will surely cause some excitement in the game. Finally, we have made a small change in our reward system. As your character also gathers knowledge when fulfilling tricky and challenging quests, there will be a few occasions in which you can gain experience points, too. This will be by no means a new way to gather levels, but rather an additional small bonus.

Visit our supported fansites for more pictures and a first introduction to some new demon bosses! Similar like the Pharaohs, they will always be present on the Tibia continent and are definitely a great new challenge for very experienced players.

Get ready for the next great challenges!
Your CipSoft Team

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