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Nov 06 2023 -

Of Dragons, Raccoons, and Something In Between

ahhh, finally, there are you. My man, the king of explorers. The warrior who turns darkness into light. Tell me... what brings you to this run-down dive bar? Your attire has certainly seen better days. It doesn't suit you... I apologise if I'm stating the obvious, I don't mean to be offensive and I have no intention of flattering you... Not me...

Are you in search of employment? If so, I may have an unique opportunity for you. An acquaintance of an acquaintance told me from an acquaintance... Anyway, I heard about a strange creature that was lost for a long time and is now said to have reappeared. This individual was exceptionally knowledgeable, possessed magical abilities, and had a keen interest in various matters, likely involving a multitude of Tibia's secrets. It appears that it delved too deep and crossed paths with the wrong people, allegedly leading to its disappearance, orchestrated by the infamous Nimmersatt, over two decades ago.

Now, if you were to vanish from the scene for twenty years or be erased, you'd likely harbour thoughts of retribution, wouldn't you? That's where you come into play.

As for the identity of this enigmatic figure, I'm not entirely sure, but is it of great importance? It's enough for me to grab a few gold coins from it for my attempts to recruit adventurers... I mean, all I know is that it chose you and only you for this mission... After all, this quest revolves around Tibia's mysteries. You'll dive deep into its history, confront iconic adversaries, and explore legendary locations. To date, numerous adventurers embarked on this quest, and rest assured, no one has returned up to this point.

What's that? You thought you were the only one, chosen for the task? Did I say that? ...I mean, yes, that's exactly what I said. That's a fact. The reference to other adventurers was metaphorical... Now go! Stop that silly questioning. You confuse me. Go ahead and simply plunge into this daring venture. And on my honour... you won't regret it! 

I have to move on now, good luck on your journey...

*stands up and walks over to the other table*

...Aahh, finally, there are you. My man...


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