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Nov 14 2023 -

Balancing Changes

ith today's server save, we proceed with the last changes for the moment regarding balancing of the hunting grounds:

Energy Library:

  • brain squid -12% gold gain
  • knowledge elemental -12% gold gain
  • energetic book -6% gold gain
  • energuardian of the tales -9% gold gain

Please note that in contrast to previous balancing announcements, in this case we have differentiated between a creature's loot in total and gold, platinum or crystal coins dropped and items that players are selling to NPCs, not to other players (gold gain). 

Moreover we have made the following changes to Issavi:

  • young goanna +12% HP/-14% XP
  • adult goanna -7% XP
  • manticore -7% XP
  • feral sphinx -4% XP
  • sphinx -7% XP/damage taken from death element 120->112
  • lamassu damage taken from death element 130->120

As always, we monitor the situation and look at the effects of the changes. 

See you in Tibia,
Your Community Managers