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Dec 04 2023 -

Winter Update 2023

he winter update has arrived, and we invite you to discover the new experiences that are waiting for you:

Dive deeper into Iksupan's mystical past in the finale of Galthen and the City of Gold, to find out what led to the demise of the Iks. Explore the lower parts of the golden city, unravel riddles, overcome obstacles, and keep an eye out for the elusive jaguar, a rare creature of legend, whispered to be capable of being tamed.

Join the enigmatic Draccoon, a magnificent blend of raccoon wit and dragon might, on his odyssey through the Tibian lands, full of memories and echoes of old mysteries and legends. Help him reclaim his rightful place and take revenge on those who wronged him to spread your wings in a spectacular outfit that is sure to turn heads.

In addition to fresh adventures, the following new features and convenience improvements will hopefully enrich your gameplay:

The Gem Atelier enhances the Wheel of Destiny and offers expansive ways to amplify your character's power. Archfoe bosses, influenced and fiendish creatures can now drop gems for each vocation. You can either trade them or reveal gems for your vocation in the Gem Atelier to discover their inherent powers, thus binding them to your character. Depending on their size, gems can have up to three Mods, granting various benefits such as stat and resistance boosts or even potent augments for specific spells. Place a gem into one of the vessels in your wheel to enjoy their bonuses and upgrade the vessels so they can hold greater gems with supreme Mods.
To ensure that there is a decent supply of gems in the weeks following the update release, we will boost their availability by doubling their drop chances till January 16, server save.

Our Exaltation Forge Enhancements include new options for items of classification 4: Convergence Fusion enables you to fuse different objects of the same body slot with guaranteed success. Convergence Transfer allows you to transfer a tier without tier loss. Both new options are available for a substantially increased gold cost, reflecting the benefits they offer.
Moreover, you can now also upgrade leg pieces at the Exaltation Forge, unlocking a chance to trigger the powerful Transcendence effect. When equipped with tiered legs, your character has a chance to transform into Avatar Stage 3 for seven seconds, turning your hits into formidable critical strikes and reducing the damage you take.

The Managed Container Extension allows you to select specific containers for items that you unequip, obtain from NPCs or retrieve. Ferumbras, Orshabaal, Morgaroth, and Ghazbaran have been fortified with a higher initial resilience extending their stand in battle and thus, granting warriors a fair chance to enter the fray. Last but not least, Hireling cooks are now willing to whip up your dish of choice from the menu for a higher cost.

Do you remember the Title Wave contest we held in July? Out of 985 submissions, we selected and implemented 10 distinguished new titles for Tibia, now ready for you to claim to illuminate the essence of your character. You can check their descriptions in the Cyclopedia's character section under "Character Titles":

Aeternal - Beastly - Bringer of Rain - Chompmeister - Doomsday Nemesis

King/Queen of Demon - Midnight Hunter - Ratinator - Robinson Crusoe - Truly Boss

Enjoy the update and have a great time in Tibia!
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