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Jun 13 2008 -
o help new players get started in Tibia, we will introduce two tutorials with the launch of the summer update. Moreover, as the long texts of the current hints were rather inconvenient, they will be replaced by illustrated tutorial hints.

All newly created characters will no longer wake up in Cipfried's temple, but on a small island south of the present Rookgaard. From now on, Santiago will be the first NPC new players meet when starting their great adventure in Tibia. Here, characters receive first equipment and learn such basic but important things like opening a box, putting on equipment, fighting and looting creatures, or regaining health. A bit further, characters meet Zirella who needs help with collecting wood. She will teach new players how to push things. Also, you can earn your first shovel there. Finally, Carlos will explain how to change your outfit and how to sell items to NPCs. Provided with first experience points, equipment and basic knowledge about Tibia's game mechanics, characters are well prepared for their first steps in Rookgaard now. For experienced players, however, it will also be possible to skip the tutorial.

The second tutorial should help players to select a vocation. At level 8, characters should leave Rookgaard by talking to the oracle. Instead of bringing you to a city of your choice, the oracle will send you to the Island of Destiny now. Ambassadors of each vocation will give you plenty of information about the advantages and drawbacks of being a knight, paladin, sorcerer or druid. Once you have joined a vocation, you will have access to the attached cellar in which you get new equipment provided you have not passed level 8 yet. You will also have the possibility to test your new equipment in a special dungeon only created for your vocation. Beware - the deeper you enter the dungeon, the stronger will be your opponents. Still, your new equipment should enable you to master this challenge without too many difficulties. Whenever you are ready to leave the Island of Destiny, Captain Kurt will happily sail you to the destination of your choice, given that it has a publicly accessible port. If you have not made up your mind in which city you want to live, Captain Kurt is also able to provide you with some basic information about every Tibian city.

Having arrived on the main continent, city guides will await the young adventurer from now on. They are helpful in several ways. They have interesting information about their city, also they can mark places of interest on a character's automap, and they even escort characters below level 10 to the depot.

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