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Jun 19 2008 -
Great New Features and Numerous New Items
s we have already announced in our first teaser, a second feature will be introduced concerning the interaction with NPCs. Trading items with NPCs will be much more comfortable in the future. Whenever you ask an NPC for a trade, a new window will open up on the right side of the adventure screen. By pressing either Sell or Buy, you can quickly see which items you can sell to or buy from an NPC. If you select an item, also its graphic will be displayed. By clicking on the graphic, you will gain information on this item. The price is quoted behind an item. By using the slide bar, you can comfortably select how many of an item you would like to buy or sell. The selected amount, the price for the selected number of items, and the money you have in your inventory are shown below the slide bar. Finally, press Ok to confirm the trade. If you do not have enough money, space or capacity, a warning message will be displayed and the trade fails. Simply lower the amount of items on the slide bar until you meet all conditions to complete the trade. This way you do not have to worry anymore that you are suddenly standing on a pile of ham because you are not strong enough to carry all.

Do you enjoy baking? Then surprise your loved ones with a delicious chocolate cake or a tray of tasty cookies. Just imagine a cold winter day - what could be cosier than eating some freshly baked cookies in front of your brand-new chimney.
For all those who prefer some healthier food, we have added some fruit and vegetables to the assortment of several food sellers. From now on you can spice up your diet with potatoes, cucumbers, onions, jalapeņo peppers, beetroots, plums, raspberries and lemons.
But there are more traders that have added new products. Just in time for the bathing season, waterballs are available now. Lily in Rookgaard offers antidote and small health potions for our youngest adventurers.

Moreover, there will be countless new items. We have designed a great number of new armors. Most of them are restricted to one or two vocations and require a certain level. On the other hand, they have various additional abilities like raising a skill or giving extra protection against a certain damage type.
Not only armors, also new weapons will enrich your Tibia adventures. Paladins will be particularly happy about several new bows and crossbows, varying in their attack range, attack power and their hit chance. Knights can equip themselves with mighty new swords, axes and clubs.
Druids and sorcerers can enjoy new rods and wands which differ in their damage type. Moreover, several new spellbooks will be added. They are not only useful for remembering spells, but their magical powers also shield sorcerers and druids from attacks. In addition, some of them have the power to raise a druid's or sorcerer's magic level.
Finally, all those who like to show off with new clothes are invited to join the inquisition to earn the honourable outfit of a demon hunter.

Look forward to nice new treats!
Your CipSoft Team

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