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Jun 27 2008 -
New Creatures
he summer update will not only bring revamped areas, new features and tutorials, but also several new monsters. Some of them we would like to introduce to you in today's teaser.

After the summer update, cockroaches are going to be the first monsters that new Tibia adventurers will meet in Rookgaard. Santiago's cellar is infested with those nasty but harmless pests.
Also, knights and sorcerers that test their new equipment in the vocation specific dungeons on the new Island of Destiny will meet new opponents. Skeleton warriors are previous heroes who decided to dedicate their afterlife to guard some special place. Combining the strength of an undead and the prowess of their former life, young sorcerers should not take them lightly. Knights will face dwarf miners who are well-known for their exceptional constitution and enormous strength.

Some of the first creatures that are usually hunted on main are goblins. The little green monsters got a facelift and were unified with two newly discovered relatives. Goblin assassins are surely the most tricky and cunning of their kind, while goblin scavengers prefer to attack from a distance, preferably with poisoned weapons.

Wyrms are strong fighters that are astonishingly agile. Moreover they have extremely sharp teeth that easily cut through most materials. Also sea serpents are powerful and agile creatures. They are strong enough to destroy a whole ship, so you surely can imagine what a single diver or swimmer has to expect from these beasts.
Rumour has it that new elementals have been woken up by the mistreatment of the environment. The fact is, the destructive powers of earth and energy elementals, appearing in different strengths and sizes, will soon plague the Tibian lands. What is more, water elementals got a complete new look.

Bog raiders and wisps both rise after someone has died in pain or fear in the bogs. A rotten skeleton wrapped round with masses of plants and leaves form the body of this dreadful being. Driven by madness rather than intelligence, bog raiders are dangerous enemies. Wisps develop from the spirits of those poor fellows that died in the swamps. They are not evil by nature, but rather act like sleepwalkers unaware of their actions. Nevertheless, their touch drains the life force of living creatures which makes them to perilous foes.
Grim reapers are spirits like wisps, but evil to the core. They control undead bodies driven by their evil goal to cause pain and fear. The worst thing, however, is that they cannot be killed for good. Even if the body is destroyed, the possessing spirit escapes unharmed.

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Prepare for great fights!
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