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Apr 01 2024 -

Oceanic Game Worlds

'day, Tibians! This is not an April Fools' joke.

We are thrilled to share exciting news with our dedicated players in Australia, New Zealand, and across the entire Oceanic region. We see you and we appreciate you. We see and appreciate the loyalty and the patience you have shown for so many years, enduring high latency that has significantly impacted your gameplay experience. After years of careful consideration, your passion and endurance have inspired us to take a meaningful step towards you, acknowledging and valuing your feedback:

Within the next weeks, we plan to set up two Optional PvP game worlds and one Open PvP world which are located in the Oceanic region to improve the gameplay experience for our players from this part of the world. Specific information on the launch date of these worlds will be provided soon.

Victoris (Open PvP) will be blocked for character world transfers for some time.

Oceanis (Optional PvP) will be open for character world transfers from the start.

Stralis (Optional PvP) will be blocked for character world transfers for some time.

The game worlds will be protected by BattlEye. Stralis and Victoris will have the status of a game world initially protected by BattlEye (green BattlEye symbol), while Oceanis will have the yellow BattlEye status.

Initially, only Premium accounts will be able to play on Stralis and Victoris, while Oceanis will be open to Premium and free accounts right from the start.

We want to emphasise that we cannot guarantee that Oceania will become an established, lasting server location or that further game worlds will be launched there. After a trial phase of at least 12 months to give these game worlds sufficient time to evolve, grow and hopefully flourish, we may re-evaluate the situation. Factoring in various criteria such as game world population and community interest, for example, we will then decide on the best course of action to proceed. In case the Oceanic server location does not prove viable enough, it is possible that we may decide to merge Stralis into Oceanis, relocate the servers to North America or merge them with North American game worlds at some point in the future.

We hope that the Oceanic community welcomes and embraces this opportunity and we are curious to see how Victoris, Oceanis and Stralis will unfold. Thank you for your enduring support and for staying with us to see this happening!

See ya on Victoris, Oceanis and Stralis,
Your Community Managers