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Jul 02 2008 -
Major Game Update 8.2
t is finally here! We are happy to present you this year's summer update.

On your next trip across Tibia you will be able to spot countless new things. Many places have been revamped, most remarkably Darashia and Kazordoon. Look for beautiful ornaments, carriages, and streets covered with golden sand in the desert town, and admire precious wall decorations, new statues and colourful crystals in the dwarven city.
You will meet several new creatures such as evil grim reapers, agile sea serpents, destructive elementals, and mad bog raiders. Plenty new raids bring new excitement to your travels across the main continent and its surrounding islands. Moreover, the lairs of new demon bosses have been discovered who pose a constant challenge for experienced heroes. Don't worry, though, countless new weapons and armor will help you to defeat even the strongest monsters. There are new bows and crossbows varying in range, attack power and hit chance, and there are several new swords, axes and clubs. Druids and sorcerers can equip themselves with new wands and rods of different damage types, and they gain new spellbooks which can raise their magic level and shield them from attacks.

On your travels you surely will meet numerous of Tibia's inhabitants. You should not hesitate to talk to them as some of them have surely useful information on new missions and quests. Sneaky and cunning characters are invited to join the thieves guild. Earn the new demon hunter outfit by supporting the plans of the inquisition. Help Captain Haba in his fight against the sea serpent, team up with your friends to rescue Alverus from his freezing prison, and defend Tibia against aggressive orcs who arm for war. The demon oak, a sinister demonic being, can only be defeated by the most courageous, smartest and strongest fighters.
From now on, an NPC channel will open up whenever you talk to one of Tibia's non-player citizens. This enables several players to talk with one NPC at the same time, and it ensures that talking to an NPC cannot be blocked by players anymore. Moreover, we have improved the trading of items with NPCs. Whenever you ask an NPC for a trade, a new window will open up on the right side of the adventure screen. By pressing either Sell or Buy, you can quickly see which items you can sell to or buy from an NPC, and for which price. A slide bar allows you to comfortably select the number of items you want to trade and to check if you have a sufficient amount of money in your inventory to complete the deal.

This time we have invested much time and work to help new players to get started in Tibia. From now on, players can attend an ingame tutorial to earn first equipment and experience points, and to gain basic knowledge about Tibia's game mechanics. A second tutorial will help players to select their character's vocation. At level 8, characters should talk to the oracle to get to the Island of Destiny. Ambassadors of the four vocations reside on this island providing young adventurers with useful information. Once a vocation was selected, characters that have not passed level 8 have access to vocation specific cellars in which they can get better equipment and test out their fighting abilities.
Characters that have chosen a vocation can talk to Captain Kurt to get to the main continent. Here, city guides await the new adventurers. They have interesting information about their city, they can mark places of interest on a character's automap, and they even escort characters below level 10 to the depot.
Moreover, as the long texts of the current hints were rather inconvenient, they have been replaced by illustrated tutorial hints.

The update patch will download automatically when you log into the game. If you should encounter any problems, you can alternatively download the new client 8.20 from our download section.

Enjoy the update!
Your CipSoft Team

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