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Apr 24 2024 -

Tibia Store Ensemble Contest

s your imagination brimming with ideas for a theme that could elegantly thread together an outfit, mount, and house decoration item for the Tibia Store? Our new contest is your chance to see your vision come to life, enhancing Tibia's Store products with your creative touch!

Describe the visual aspects of the ensemble you envision in the designated feedback form.
It is available till May 03, 2024, 23:59 CEST. Make sure to read the rules of participation there before submitting your entry.

We will select the winning submissions together with our graphic artists, who will use them as a basis for future Store products. While they will aim to capture the spirit of your creative visions within Tibia's distinctive graphic style, certain aspects and details of your ideas may need to be altered or simplified for implementation purposes.
Please also note that it may take a while before they are added to the Store since there is no predetermined timeframe. Of course, we will mention in our news articles whenever a new Store outfit, mount, or decoration item is based on one of the winning ideas. Furthermore, even submissions not selected as winners may serve as inspiration for future designs.

We will decide the exact number of winners as we evaluate all submissions, and we plan to announce the winners and their themes in the course of May. Each of them will then receive 1500 non-transferable Tibia Coins and a CM token will be sent to the submitter's highest levelled character on main.

Intertwine fashion, adventure, and home decor!
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