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May 29 2024 -

Convenience Features

ear Tibians!

The second feature teaser has a surprise in store! These are small changes overall, but they can have a huge impact. But do not just take our word for it, read on and see for yourself...

To save players from unnecessary interactions, we have expanded the existing Quick Looting with the Quick Loot Nearby Corpses feature. Now, you can loot all fields directly beneath and adjacent to your character (9 fields, up to 30 corpses at once, per field) with a single interaction. Yes, you read that right. The time has actually come. Goodbye, tendonitis! The option can be turned off via settings and of course can also be controlled via hotkey.

This feature will enable every player to hunt more quickly and efficiently, thereby increasing the overall loot. To address the anticipated increase in loot volume and the resulting inflation from faster looting, we have decided to implement the following changes: We will increase the Market fee limit from 250,000 to 1,000,000 gold coins, the gold fee of intricate imbuements from 25,000 to 30,000 and of powerful imbuements from 100,000 to 200,000 gold coins.

Furthermore, the gold prices of the following items will increase:

Item Old Price New Price
Lasting exercise weapons 7,560,000 10,000,000
Durable exercise weapons  945,000  1,250,000
Exercise weapons  262,500    347,222
Might ring      5,000      25,000
Stone skin amulet      5,000      25,000
Supreme health potion         625           650 
Ultimate mana potion         438           488
Ultimate spirit potion         438           488
Great spirit potion         228           254
Great mana potion         144           158
Strong mana potion           93           108
Diamond arrow         100           130
Sudden death rune         135           162
Avalanche rune           57             64
Great fireball rune           57             64
Thunderstorm rune           47             52
Stone shower rune           37             41

As previously mentioned, these changes are necessary to prevent a strong impact on inflation in Tibia.

The second feature is a Quick Sort Container option. Containers located in the inventory below the backpack slot now have a menu. When opened, players can sort the contents of their backpack according to various criteria. The layout of this menu is similar to the sorting options in the battle list. Sorting options include sorting ascending/descending by name, weight, charges left and stack size. Additionally, there will be options to sort containers recursively or to prioritise backpacks to be sorted first within the inventory. Users will also have the ability to drag items to any location within the backpack, where they will then be automatically sorted in. These features can be enabled or disabled at any time through the menu.

Lastly, we have enhanced the Market interface for your convenience. This upgrade allows multiple categories and items to be displayed on the left-hand side, significantly improving usability. You can finally ditch the magnifying glass for good when listing or buying your commodities. 

We hope these convenience features will enhance your Tibia experience and wish you a lot of enjoyment while testing them! 

Your Community Managers

Upcoming next week: Stay tuned for the grand finale of feature updates in this release!

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