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Jul 24 2008 -
Minor Patches Released
fter the release of the summer update, many players sent us feedback about the new features and also reported game errors. We have collected and analysed all of your response. In the last 3 days, we have released minor patches to adjust the game according to your proposals and reports.

Many players made suggestions for improvements concerning Tibia creatures. As many newcomers were literally run over by the amount of cockroaches in Santiago's cellar, we have revised the spawn rate there. The loot of wyrms and sea serpents has been changed, so a hunting trip there is surely worthwhile. Further, the drop rate of elemental soils in the elemental spheres has been raised. As massive earth elementals are rather strong, they have been removed from the bog raider spawn in Edron. Also, the number of earth elementals in the Edron cave has been reduced. Moreover, it is a somewhat easier now to fight earth elementals, massive earth elementals as well as slick and roaring water elementals. Finally, quara hydromancers and their scouts do not summon water elementals any longer.

Also several inhabitants of Tibia needed some tuning. Raffael is selling arrows at the correct price now, Janz has once more added the ice statues to his range of goods, and Nah'Bob also buys enchanted versions of weapons now. Furthermore, an error in the mage addon quest has been fixed. All those of you who have finished this quest already but do not have the correct entry in their quest log, can talk to Lynda or Angelina to have this quest shown as completed.

There have also been suggestion for area improvements to prevent luring. For this reason ramps have been added to the amazon bridge, and the rope spot in the Count's room has been exchanged with a ramp.

Characters with the address Nobility Quarter 2 in Kazordoon can now decorate their northern wall. Players that have not paid their tickets for Kazordoon's unique transportation system, will now get a correct error message if they try to hop into one of those comfortable ore wagons. All players that have obtained the honourable title of a warhero will now receive the correct amount of experience points for all missions. Finally, we have fixed several small map bugs.

Thank you for your feedback!
Your CipSoft Team

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