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Sep 30 2008 -
Patch and Website Update
s already announced, a patch has been launched on all game worlds and the website has been updated. Now we would like to give you some details about what has been done.

Most important, we have changed the account login on our website and ingame. Up to now, you had to use your account number and password to login but to be honest, numbers are not easy to remember. Especially for players with several accounts, it was quite a challenge to keep in mind all account numbers and corresponding passwords. Wouldn't it be easier to memorise your account data if you could choose your own account name instead of being required to use a fixed account number to login? For sure! Therefore, you have to login with your account name and password from now on. How to get an account name? Don't worry, it's as easy as pie!

If you create a new Tibia account, you are now asked to enter an account name and your email address. Your account name will be shown on the following page and your account password will be sent to your email address. So all you have to do is come up with a proper account name and memorise it well.

If you have a Tibia account that has been created before September 30, 2008, you have the opportunity to change your account name once. Please note, however, that this service is only available until January 31, 2009. If you do not want to change your login data, you can also keep your account number as account name.

Now before you choose an account name, please make sure that it meets the following requirements:
  • Your account name must consist of at least six characters but may not exceed 30 characters.

  • It may only consist of letters (A-Z) and numbers (0-9). Please note, that it must contain at least one letter and no spaces or special characters. Account names are not case-sensitive, so it does not matter if you use upper or lower case.
If you should ever forget your account name, you can use the Lost Account Interface just like before.

In addition to the new account login, the NPC trade in Tibia has been improved. Thank you very much for your valuable feedback concerning trades, it convinced our NPCs to add some great new features to make shopping even more convenient. Did you ever forget to take enough backpacks with you on a shopping spree? Finally, our NPCs realised that offering the opportunity to buy items packed in shopping bags is one of the secrets to a successful business. All you have to do is right-click on the trade window and select "Buy with backpacks" to get your stuff neatly packed into backpacks for a small fee of 20 gold pieces per backpack. Moreover, you can now choose between different sort orders such as "Sort by price" or "Sort by name" by right-clicking on the trade window. Further information on NPC trades can be found in the manual.

Last but not least, the element 5 payment pages have been integrated into the order process that can be accessed via your account management page.

We hope you like the changes!
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