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Nov 11 2008 -
New Fansite Programme
oday our new fansite programme was launched. All our supported fansites have done great work so far and have contributed a lot to Tibia's community. They are visited regularly by thousands of players and are a very important meeting point. For this reason, we would like to improve our support for them, and we would also like to make it easier for new fansites to join the programme.

In our fansite section, there are now two different ranks among fansites that receive our support. There are promoted fansites and supported fansites. On a promoted fansite, all information needs to be up-to-date constantly, and you will also often find own generated content there, information that is not published on the official website. Running a promoted fansite usually means lots of dedication and work.

The supported fansites also offer a lot of information and definitely are a good and interesting place to visit. You might find information about Tibia there in different languages, statistics, well - there are no limits! All fansites that join the programme will start at this rank, but have the chance to become a promoted fansite with time.

Next to being listed on our website, and having an exclusive badge for supported or promoted fansites, we offer several further benefits, for example, in-advance information about featured articles, screenshots, artwork, and update teasers, a unique ingame decoration item, which the fansite can propose, prizes for fansite events, and several more. In addition to that, promoted fansites can receive an exclusive interview with a CipSoft member once a year and free premium time for several helpers.

You have a fansite or are thinking about creating one? Please have a look at our new fansite programme and the fansite agreement.

At this point, we would also like to thank all fansite administrators who have been in the programme already, and of course also their helpers, for their good work, for their suggestions and feedback, and for everything that they have done so far!

Enjoy your visit on the fansites!
Your Community Managers

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