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Nov 14 2008 -
Second Update Teaser
s we have already announced in the first update teaser, you can expect several new party features from the upcoming winter update.

First of all, there will be a party-chat channel. That way you can easily communicate with all party members.
In the past, many players have criticised that members of a party that stand very close to a killed creature have an advantage when checking the corpse for loot. The rest of the party members had to trust that they were not betrayed. After the winter update, all party members will be informed of the loot at the same time in the new party-chat channel:

Since over seventy percent of participating Tibia players said in a poll that they like to team up for hunts, most of you will probably be pleased to hear that we will implement a shared experience bonus if you hunt in a party. You will only profit from this bonus if the monsters you are hunting yield over twenty experience points. In a party, this should not be difficult at all.

In addition to these new features, we will also implement party buffs. Party buffs will be premium spells, but if cast, free account players will of course be buffed as well. If you have learnt such a spell, you will definitely be a well-liked member in every hunting party.

The party buffs affect an area around the caster. Of course, the caster himself will also benefit from the spell. Every affected player will be able to see this new status in the condition indicator. It will be displayed as a green arrow pointing upwards. This new status "strengthened" will appear for every temporary positive change of skills. For instance, you will also see the green arrow if you are boosting your power with a ring.
The needed mana to cast a party buff depends on the amount of party members that will be affected. For every further member, the costs will be slightly higher.

Every vocation will have its own party buff. Knights will be able to raise the weapon skills of party members, whereas paladins will be able to raise the shielding, and sorcerers the magic level. Since druids are already known as great healers, they will receive an additional party healing spell. If a druid casts Heal Party all affected teammates will receive a small healing every two seconds, for a period of 2 minutes.

In addition to these party buffs, there will be further new support spells for knights and paladins.
Knights will be able to learn two new spells, the Protector spell and the Blood Rage spell. However, these spells cannot be used at the same time. If both have been learnt though, they can easily be switched at an NPC for a small fee.

The Protector spell will double the knight's shielding for a couple of seconds. Concentrating on his protection, a knight will not be able to attack his opponent though for this period of time. The Blood Rage spell on the other hand, will drastically increase all weapon skills, however, concentrating on his attack, a knight will neglect his defense.

Paladins can also learn two new spells, the Swift Foot and the Sharpshooter spell. Just as knights, they cannot use both spells simultaneously, but easily switch the spells at an NPC.
The Swift Foot spell will enable a paladin to run very fast for a couple of seconds. Logically, a paladin cannot attack during such a sprint. The Sharpshooter spell will drastically increase the distance skill, however, a paladin aiming that sharply will not be able to walk quickly, or to pay much attention to any defense or healing.

Knights will receive one further spell in the winter update, the Charge spell. When this spell is cast, they will run as fast as the wind for a few seconds, having no trouble anymore to chase an opponent that is about to run away. Paladins will also be able to learn another spell. This spell will enable them to create Holy Missile runes, which will make it a lot easier for them to be prepared for any upcoming fights. Holy Missile runes can only be created and used by paladins.
Last but not least, one spell for druids will be revised. The Wild Growth spell will become a rune spell, which will enable druids to place a wild growth correctly when running away from an enemy. The Wild Growth runes will be useless for any other vocation.

We hope that you will enjoy the upcoming new party features and the new spells!
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