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Nov 18 2008 -
New Supported Fansites
ith the recent update of our fansite programme, we have made it easier for Tibia fansites to join. So today, we would like to welcome five new supported Tibia fansites.

Three of our new supported fansites offer much information about Tibia in different languages. Tibia ML is a multilingual fansite that offers, among many other features, information in English, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese, Polish and Spanish. Players who speak Portuguese should also check out Portal Tibia. TibiaVenezuela is a fansite that offers information about Tibia in Spanish. You will also find a forum on these sites in which you can share your ideas with other Tibia players in your mother tongue.
If you are a roleplayer, you will enjoy visiting Tibia RP. You can share your roleplaying stories there, or participate in interactive stories with other roleplayers, for example. If you want to share your screenshots with other players, you should definitely check out TibiaPic.

Have fun on our supported and promoted fansites!
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