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Nov 21 2008 -
Third Update Teaser
y now, you have all heard of the ancient city Yalahar which is situated on one of the northern islands.
The inhabitants of Yalahar are currently confronted with a terrible threat. Many people live in fear. Rumours have it that vampires were seen roaming the city, and some folks even claim that their next door neighbours have turned into such creatures of the night. Distrust is widely spread, not even friends trust each other any longer. People suspect undercover vampires, no matter who they meet.
Julius, one of the braver inhabitants of Yalahar, has decided to get to the bottom of these lurid tales and is recruiting brave adventurers to help him in his quest to save Yalahar.
If you are courageous enough and want to help, you will have to prove that you are not a vampire to gain his trust. In Julius's theory, the threat of Yalahar originates on one of the other islands around Yalahar. There are Mistrock, Fenrock and Vengoth. He suspects Vengoth to be the cause of all evil, an island, that is feared by many, since nobody who ever set sail for this island has ever returned. Some foreign shipmen have spread the word that they have seen an old haunted castle on Vengoth.

Who knows? If these stories are all true, and you are the one to solve all the mysteries of Vengoth, maybe the inhabitants of Yalahar will be able to sleep safely again at night.

There are several more mysteries about the northern islands. If you talk to the guards in Yalahar, they will have many stories at hand for you. Maybe some of their hints will set you off for another exciting adventure? For example, there is another tale that concerns a long lost tribe of dwarfs that allegedly settled on one of the islands around Yalahar. Once a brave warrior has returned from a journey and vividly described a huge city that he had discovered, inhabited by dwarfs, but nobody believed him.

Perhaps his story was true though? Maybe the dwarfs that live in Kazordoon today would know more about it....?

Enjoy the mysteries of this winter update!
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