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Nov 28 2008 -
Fourth Update Teaser
his year's winter update will not only bring several new features, but also a couple of changes of already existing things. We would like to present you some of these changes and give you a little bit more information on what kind of new things you can expect.

Once you have found your way to Yalahar and have gotten accustomed to the surroundings and the inhabitants there, you will be able to dress up in the Yalaharian style. The following artwork might give you an idea of what the Yalaharian fashion will look like:

As already mentioned, the winter update will not only bring new things, though. As you might have noticed, we have carried through an in-depth hunting ground analysis just recently. Your feedback concerning hunting grounds was very much appreciated and inspired most of the following changes.

First of all, we have often heard that going on a hunt and coming home with your backpacks fully loaded does not always cover the initial costs for the hunt. So hunting does not always pay off. As you have informed us, it was sometimes difficult to sell your collected treasures when you came home from an exhausting adventure. For this reason, we have convinced Rashid to enlarge his warehouse and to take on more of your goods. After this update, he will buy many further things from you, for example, all elemental armor sets, platinum amulets and several mid- to high-level weapons among several other things. To keep up with Rashid, also a couple of other traders have broadened their purchase of goods.

We have also often heard that hunting stronger monsters was sometimes a bit frustrating since your bravery was not rewarded generously enough. We hope that after the update, being brave is worth the risk again and that you will not return from great adventures disappointed anymore. We have adjusted the loot and the experience points of several monsters.
The experience points that you receive from hunting the monsters of the Pits of Inferno, like the hands of cursed fate, the undead dragons, the lost souls, the betrayed wraiths and the juggernauts, for instance, have been raised immensely. Also, if you have proven your courage in the Pits of Inferno already, you might want to look around a bit. Maybe you will discover a secret path that will get you to the Pits of Inferno much quicker.
Not only the monsters of the Pits of Inferno have received a boost, though. Other monsters that were adjusted according to your feedback are hydras, cyclopes, the sea serpent and the young sea serpent, for example.

Our analysis of hunting grounds has also shown that the bog raider, for example, was too weak. He did not seem to be any challenge for you at all. So in order to be able to defend himself better, he has been given some extensive training to make his muscles grow.

After hearing your feedback, the earth elementals that had inhabited the surface of Tiquanda did not feel very welcome there anymore. So they decided to move on and to retreat to their own dungeons.

You did not only give us feedback about monsters, though. You also wished for a couple of changes in existing events. So we followed your advice and enhanced a couple of events that will take place in the first half of the next year.
For example, the dryads that are roaming several forests in June have collected many more seeds during their journeys, so you will be able to grow a larger variety of flowers, if you manage to steal some from them.
You also might remember the jesters that have set foot on Tibia last April with their pockets full of fish. Rumour has it that they are not that keen on fish anymore. They still like it, but they have more room now in their pockets for other things. If you come across any jesters again, you might want to take the time to deal with as many of them as possible. You might be surprised by what they carry with them, and they might even provide you with items that will enable you to create something to remember them by.

If you enjoy decorating your house, you will like to hear that this year's winter update will also bring further cool new items for you to put up. For example, you will be able to choose from further tapestries to give your home a different look and there will be a couple of new crystals for you, too that will bring many different colours into your house. Not all new decorative items will have a colourful and friendly look, though. If you prefer to express your evilness to people walking by, rather than your happy nature, you will enjoy the blood goblet, the blood skull and the dracoyle statue. With these items in your house, people will fear you before they have even met you. However please note, that most of these new items cannot be bought in any shops. You will find them during your adventures to carry them home like trophies.

For further pictures and artwork, please check out our promoted and supported fansites.

We hope you will enjoy the upcoming changes!
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