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Sep 24 2001 -
Tibia Version 6.3 Is Online
he latest Tibia version 6.3 is now online. The purpose of this update is to give the gamemasters more possibilities to help players and to improve the way to communicate with them. Please download the new client which also includes some smaller bugfixes. Here are the most important changes:

  • From now on there is a "criminal record" for all players who are banished because of violating the Tibia Rules. In this way we will keep track of players that are constantly causing trouble. Note, that multiple entries in the criminal record may lead to an exclusion from the game. If you have violated the Tibia Rules, you can see your criminal record on your account page. Your criminal record will be cleared if you get no new entries for six months.

  • The update introduces a formal way to complain about actions done by the gamemasters. Just click on the view button next to an entry in your criminal record. There you can write a complaint which will be automatically forwarded to the responsible gamemaster. Answers will be displayed on your account page. The system also gives you the chance to contact CIP.

  • To support the gamemasters, there will be so-called "counsellors". They are appointed by the gamemasters and do investigations and report violations of the Tibia Rules. Additionally they will answer questions about the gameplay and help new players.

  • You can ignore broadcasts by typing "#I #B" and yells by entering "#I #Y". Unignore them with "#U" accordingly.

  • Enjoy the new version!
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