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Dec 05 2008 -
Fifth Update Teaser
etween summer and now, many new creatures have been discovered in the lands of Tibia. Today, we would like to take the time to introduce them to you.

We have already mentioned that vampires were seen roaming Yalahar, so it is no wonder that a new vampire species has been discovered.

You might not run into the new vampire brides at an early stage of your Tibian life, but you should be very careful when meeting one of them, even if you have proven your bravery at several occasions already. Their cleverness makes many of them good magicians and alchemists and they love to cruelly torture their victims to death.
They also love to surround themselves with other undead. One of them is the zombie that you will not only meet in company of vampire brides.
The more experienced of you will also find a new challenging opponent in the undead gladiators. They are real fighting machines. Without any moral restraints, immune to pain, and tireless, they wear down their victims before they finish them off in a burst of skilful attacks.
With the discovery of Yalahar, also mutations of already existing creatures were seen, for example, mutated bats, mutated tigers and mutated rats. Up to today it is unknown why bats have transformed into such aggressive beasts, however, the cause for the mutations of tigers is known. According to the inhabitants of Yalahar, they mutated during an outrageous experiment that aimed at stealing their vitality and agility. Even mutated humans have been spotted by some adventurers already. They reported that they were so deformed, that they could hardly even be recognised anymore as humans. It is said, that driven by animal-like instincts, they often form packs in which the alpha mutant leads his brethren on hunts and raids. All mutated versions of the once almost harmless creatures now pose a threat to every not so experienced adventurer.

Another creature that has not been seen before in the lands of Tibia is the gozzler. The trait that characterises this small creature the most is its enormous appetite. Even though it is not big in size, a gozzler should never be underestimated. It can easily devour things that are four times bigger than itself. Gozzlers rarely appear in bigger packs, but do form smaller groups from time to time, so watch out if you spot one of them close to you.
A complete new species that was discovered are haunted treelings. There are two different breeds of haunted treelings. The one kind are trees that have been possessed by nature spirits that seek revenge of the contamination of nature. The other kind are trees that are possessed by demonic entities that want to spread havoc in the world of the living. Both forms really resemble regular trees, so look closely before you decide to lay down in the shade of a harmless looking tree.
Just about as dangerous as haunted treelings and gozzlers are blobs. We have heard of three different kind of blobs so far. The mercury blob supposedly looks like an unharmful silver fluid, however, it starts an attack whenever a human is close by. It even has the ability to produce a clone of itself. The same is true for the acid blob and the death blob.

Also the existence of two new creatures of the night has been confirmed. Nightstalkers have haunted the dreams and stories of children since the dawn of mankind and have now made it into Tibia as well. They prefer to live in dark and abandoned places like ruins and caves, sometimes in small colonies, but most of them are notorious loners.
It is still discussed by explorers, whether the nightmare scion is an offspring of the already well-known nightmare, or rather an ancestor. They are usually found in the company of each other and appear in great numbers. According to reports we received, a nightmare scion usually stalks its victim in the shadow for hours, stirring up fear and when the time is right, it will start its attack. Then, however, it is too late. You can be certain that a whole force of them will be lurking around the next dark corner. So great caution is advisable if you spot one of them.

Further, two new forms of golems have been identified among the Tibian creatures. The worker golems used to serve the Yalahari as construction machines, transporters, guards or butlers. They are very rare and hardly ever seen outside of Yalahar. Rumour has it, that some can still be found in old factories. Do not mistake them for nice beings, though. Despite their former professions, they attack intruders with different built-in magic tools using them quite effectively as weapons. The more experienced and braver of you might even run into a war golem. War golems are even rarer than the worker golems, however, they are a lot stronger. You should not get in a fight with one of them unprepared.

Those of you who would withstand a war golem would most likely also stand a chance against hellspawns and werewolves. The magical nature of werewolves makes them extremely resistant and their regeneration powers are legendary. Hellspawns prefer sneak attacks and usually fight in groups, even though they are quite strong. Sometimes they grow restless and start to roam the world in search for new territory.

Apart from these totally new creatures, some monsters have received a new look. For example, the wolves and their relatives, the winter wolves.

Also, a couple of other new creatures were discovered, however, they do not have a totally new and fierce look. They should not be mistaken as harmless, though. For example, you will meet crazed beggars, gang members, gladiators, and mad scientists. If you are an experienced and courageous warrior, you will most likely also meet the fire-loving infernalists, who used to be eager students of magic.

You can find a lot more information on these creatures and this year's winter update on our supported and promoted fansites. Each fansite has a representative and a helper team on the test server to report as much to you as possible. You will also find artwork there of the here described new creatures, so have a look! They are definitely a place to check out!

We hope that you will enjoy the new dangers that this update will bring to Tibia!
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