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Dec 09 2008 -
Major Game Update 8.40
t is finally update time!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, December 10, 2008 all servers and our website will be offline from approximately 13:00 CET to 18:00 CET due to a major game update.

Most of the features of this update have already been introduced to you in our recent update teasers. We would still like to give you an overview of all upcoming changes, so that you will know your way around in Tibia when you log in after the update.
First of all, there will be a pretty large new area, situated north east of the Tibian main continent. The newly discovered area consists of several islands and the ancient city of Yalahar.

Yalahar consists of nine different quarters. Just to name a few, there is the trade quarter, the factory quarter and the alchemist quarter for you to discover. The islands surrounding Yalahar are called Mistrock, Fenrock and Vengoth. The most southern of them, Vengoth, is shrouded in mysteries. If the existing rumours can be believed, there is an old haunted castle hidden on this island.
The discovery of Yalahar also had an impact on tailors, so they created the Yalaharian outfit. This outfit is not the only thing they created though. Also the uniforms of our gamemasters have received a new look.

On your future journeys through Tibia, you will encounter several new creatures, you will have to solve new quests, survive new raids and boss monsters, and will meet several new NPCs with interesting stories, as well as old NPCs that would love to share the stories with you that they have heard in the meantime. There will also be some new equipment for you to wear, and several other new items that will bring fun to your daily life in Tibia.

This update will also bring several new spells. Knights and paladins will be happy to hear that they will be able to choose between two different spells that will be very useful for them in future adventures. A detailed explanation of the new spells can be found in the Second Update Teaser, or in our library once our website is back online after the update. Please note that because of these changes you can no longer heal paralyze by drinking health potions.

Something else that you will hopefully enjoy are our new party features. Every party will have its own party channel that will make communication among members a lot easier. In this channel, a loot message will be displayed, so that each party member is informed about what has been found, simultaneously.
Hunting in parties will now also be rewarded with a shared experience bonus.
In addition to all this, each vocation now has a party buff spell, which will affect an area around the caster. Knights are able to raise the weapon skills of party members, whereas paladins can raise the shielding, and sorcerers the magic level. Druids now have an additional party healing spell. To display such a boost, a new status was implemented. A little green arrow in your status bar will indicate every temporary positive change of skills. Supportive spells, such as these party buffs, do not delay melee-, distance-, wand- and rod attacks anymore.

What else will this update bring? After you have given us plenty of feedback about our hunting grounds, we have adjusted our already existing monsters and dungeons according to your needs. For example, the loot and experience points of several monsters have been adjusted, you will now be able to sell much more of your loot, and you might find a short cut to the Pits of Inferno.

A significant change that this update will bring is that mages will no longer have the strength to wear the heavy armors of knights and paladins. For example, the crown armor, the golden armor, the dragon scale mail and the magic plate armor will be useless to them.
Several changes had to be carried through on Rookgaard as well. For example, the bank of Rookgaard and the bank on the Island of Destiny now have a limit of 1000 gold coins. This is also the maximum amount of money that you can take with you if you set off for the mainland. Another change on Rookgaard is that the poor chickens were tired of being slaughtered to death, so they have left several areas there.
As some of you might have noticed, in the past, it was possible to remain in the premium area on Rookgaard, even if your premium time had run out. After the update, this will no longer be possible.

During the course of the next year you will also notice that our events have been enhanced. There are two completely new events that you can look forward to, and two already existing events have been improved.

Further artwork, pictures and screenshots of this update can be found on our promoted and supported fansites, which are a good place to visit, while we are preparing everything for you to finally check out all the changes yourself.

We hope that you will enjoy the Christmas update!
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