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Nov 02 2001 -
Tibia Version 6.4 Is Online
he latest Tibia version 6.4 is now online. It represents the last but one step towards Premium Accounts and introduces all features that are available especially for players with Premium Accounts.

  • A new island has been discovered far out in the east. Settlers from Thais have founded the colony Edron there, and the Royal Tibia Line has established a shipping route to and from it. Now this isle waits to be explored. Many thanks to Knightmare who has designed this area.
  • Have you ever wanted to have a house of your own in Tibia? This dream can become true now. See the list of all houses that are currently existing and take part in the auction of your favourite house. In the manual you can find a detailed description on how the house system works.
  • There are many new monsters and spells which we will be presented little by little during the next days.

    Please note that it is not yet possible to get a Premium Account. If the system runs stable, we will activate the Premium Accounts next week. Also note, that you will have to download a new client version.

    One more thing, we want to bring to your attention: We have founded a company, called CipSoft GmbH. However, these is just some legal stuff. For you, our players, nothing will change except our name.

    Enjoy Tibia!
    Your CipSoft (CIP) Team

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