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Mar 10 2009 -
First Patch Teaser: Death Penalty and Blessings
es, you have read correctly, the very first patch teaser is here! From now on we will launch a patch every spring and fall in addition to our updates. Those patches will mostly contain adjustments and improvements concerning game play and technical performance. Even though new content and completely new features will be reserved for the large updates in summer and winter, theses patches are certainly something to look forward to.

In the last few months, we have asked you for your opinion on the death penalty in votings and on the proposal and discussion board. Many players contributed to these discussions and provided valuable feedback and many ideas and suggestions. It became quite clear that the majority of players considers the loss of experience, skill and items to be too high in Tibia. In several internal discussions, we were looking for ways and means to tackle this problem based on your feedback. With this patch, we will reduce the death penalty to a certain extent. Rest assured, however, that Tibia will still stay a challenge, a tough game, and also in the future, death will not be a pleasant experience.

First of all, we will reduce the experience and skill loss in general. Up to level 24, however, all characters without blessings and promotion will lose 10% of their skill and experience points like before. From level 24 on, the percentage of experience points that you lose upon death will slowly decrease. A character of level 50 will lose 1 level and from then on half a level more every 50 levels. This means, a character of level 100 will lose 1.5 levels, with level 150 character you will lose 2 levels and with a character of level 200 you will lose 2.5 levels and so on. So a character of level 180 will approximately lose 2.3 levels.
The loss of skill points also depends on a character's level. The higher the level, the less percent of skill points you will lose when dying. Let's say a level 100 dies without blessings and promotion after the patch. He will lose 1.5 levels, which is about 4.5% of his total experience (was 10% before patch). Likewise, he will lose 4.5% of his skills.

Second, all characters on main will now have the possibility to reduce their item, experience and skill loss by buying blessings. The price for one blessing now depends on a character's level which will make blessings also interesting for characters of lower levels. Up to level 30 a blessing costs 2,000 gp; from level 31 to 119 you have to pay 2,000 gp + 200 gp for every additional level above level 30; for characters of level 120 and above a blessing costs 20,000 gp.
Now high levels may think that 100,000 gp sounds much for 5 blessings, but blessings will not only reduce your experience and skill loss. They will also reduce the probability to lose an item or your backpack. With only 1 blessing, you already reduce the probability to lose some of your equipment by 30%, with 2 blessings by 55%, with 3 by 75%, with 4 by 90% and players that have all 5 blessings will not lose any of their hard earned belongings at all in case of a death.
Update: Due to the extensive feedback we received concerning the planned removal of the amulet of loss, we decided to keep it ingame as it is for the time being as an addition to the new blessings which also reduce the risk of losing items upon death. For further information, please have a look at the designated thread on our discussion board.
Current price changes concerning blessings have been adjusted to the new costs: The phoenix egg will reduce the price for The Spark of the Phoenix by 10%, and buying the Blessing of the Inquisition will raise the price for 5 blessings by 10%.

All in all, characters will lose less items, experience and skill points after the patch. Promotion will still reduce the death penalty by 30%. Each blessing will reduce your experience and skill loss by 8%, which is a bit less than before when a blessing reduced it by 10%. But since we reduced the death penalty in general, a character of level 100, for example, will only lose 1.35% of his experience and skills after the patch, provided he has bought all 5 blessings and promotion. Before the patch, a character of level 100 could reduce the loss of experience and skill points only up to 2%. Moreover, you can finally use some of the other great necklaces like the elven amulet or the dragon necklace that are useful in your daily fights against fierce and dangerous creatures.

Get ready for challenging fights!
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