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Apr 22 2009 -
Privacy Policy Becomes Effective and Bugfixes
s we already informed you in a news on Mar 22, the changes of our privacy policy will become effective today, April 22, 2009. From now on, the following data about software and hardware is automatically determined and transmitted by the Tibia client:

Software: Type of your operating system and language settings
Hardware: Your memory (RAM), processor (CPU), graphics card and video settings

Further, players will notice a small client patch today in which a couple of bugs will be fixed. Apart from several typos, the positioning bug of crystal pedestals when piling them will be fixed, for example.

The client will patch itself upon logging in. We especially advise our Linux users, however, to download the new client.

The Tibia client 8.42 can be downloaded here:

  • Windows version
  • Linux version

  • Have a good time!
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