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Apr 29 2009 -
Fansite Reevaluation
bout half a year ago, we released our new fansite programme. With this new programme we introduced the promoted status for fansites that are up-to-date constantly and that often publish own generated content. Other fansites and all new fansites that joined the programme at the same time started out with the supported status. Now it was time for a reevaluation of our fansites.

We would like to congratulate TibiaML, PortalTibia, TibiaMx and TibiaVenezuela to their new promoted status. You can see all promoted and supported fansites in our fansite section.

We are very happy to see that there are so many fansite teams that work hard to provide information and entertainment for the community. Just to name a few of the things that our supported and promoted fansites have done during the last half year: They have translated news and featured articles to different languages, they have organised ingame events, as well as real life meetings, they have given sneak previews of updates and they keep you up-to-date about whatever happens in the community.

So, of course, we do not want to miss this chance to say thank you to all fansite administrators and their teams, for being around and for contributing to Tibia's community.

Enjoy a visit on our supported and promoted fansites!
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