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Jun 02 2009 -
e community managers are often asked for statistics in discussion threads or feedback forms. Several players want to know which skills they should have with their character, or which cities are favoured by Tibia players, and many many other things. For this reason, we have asked the product management if they could share some database information with us, which we would like to present you now.

Countries of Tibia Players

You might remember our recent poll Where are you from?. In this poll, the top five countries that Tibia players come from were: Brazil, Poland, Mexico, Sweden and the United States. According to this poll, Brazilians and Polish players form about 50 % of the Tibia community.
According to the account registrations, the results of this poll were pretty representative: On May 16th, 2009 there were about 1.3 million registered Tibia accounts, of which 485,778 were registered to Brazil, 296,935 to Poland, 99,802 to Mexico, 54,446 to Sweden, and 54,221 to the United States. So the top 5 countries of the poll and the top 5 registration countries coincide, just the percentage is a bit off. According to account registrations, Brazil and Poland form about 60 % of the Tibian community together.


About 1.15 million of these accounts are registered to male players. That means that 88.5 % of all Tibia players are male. It is interesting to see whether this is represented by the gender distribution of ingame characters. There are currently 6.54 million characters altogether, of which 5.38 million are male and 1.16 female. In percentage, that is a ratio of 82 % male characters to 18 % female characters. So there is a clear male dominance in Tibia, be it ingame, or in the community.


Who knows if this is really the truth, though? Looking at the age of Tibia players according to the account registration, we can see that many players do not enter correct data there. For example, 9,643 players said that they were born in 1901, and 2,124 players claim to be only five years old. While it is indeed possible that five-year-olds play Tibia, it is a bit hard to believe that there are almost ten thousand Tibia players who are already 108 years old. Usually though, when reading such data, the average of all entries does reflect the truth. According to the account registrations, the average age of a Tibia player is 20-21 years, and that is not hard to believe at all. In the feedback form Feedback about Tibia and CipSoft, 75 % of all participants said that they are between 16 and 24 years old.

Actively Played Accounts

There are 2.6 million Tibia accounts altogether, which means that there are over one million unregistered Tibia accounts of which we hardly have any data. Many of these accounts are not actively played, though. Many people create an account and then never log in. Also some registered accounts are not actively played anymore. For this reason, the number of accounts that have logged in during one month is far more interesting and says a bit more about how many active Tibia players there really are. For example, in April 2009, there were about 850.000 Tibia accounts that have logged in, and close to 100,000 Tibia accounts currently have premium time.


Now that we know a bit already about who is part of the Tibia community, let's have a closer look at some ingame statistics. The average level of all characters in Tibia is approximately 16.5, which is a bit lower than one would expect. This low average level can easily be explained, though. Many characters are created, but not really played much. For example, among these 6.54 million characters, there are over 500,000 level 1 characters. 1.8 million characters have not even reached level 8, yet. Almost 5 million characters are level 20 or below. There are probably many second or third characters of players among these. On average, there are approximately 2.5 characters on each Tibia account.
Only 61,021 characters have reached the magic goal of level 100 or above so far. Only 2,582 of these characters have already reached level 200 or above, and just 57 characters level 300 or above. Currently, there are merely 3 characters in Tibia that are already above level 400.


Which vocation does a typical Tibia player favour? There are about 1.6 million knights in Tibia, of which only about 83,000 are promoted. 1.2 million characters are sorcerers, of which 68,000 are master sorcerers. There are approximately 1.1 million paladins, of which about 60,000 are royal paladins, and only about 1 million druids, of which 75,000 are elder druids. So knights seem to be the most popular vocation, however, all vocations are represented pretty evenly.


Another interesting number is the average skill development of the different vocations:

For druids and sorcerers mainly the magic skill is important. As you can see in the chart, the average magic level development of sorcerers and druids is pretty equal. Druids seem to develop their magic level a bit faster than sorcerers, which might be explained by their gaming style. The average shielding skill of sorcerers and druids develops pretty much the same way. Believing this chart, we can say that on average, a level 100 sorcerer has a magic level of 65, and a level 100 druid, a magic level of 67.

For paladins, pretty much all skills play a role, so you can see the average skill development of all skills for paladins in the next chart. A paladin's average magic level hardly passes the level 20 line. This does not mean that there are no paladins with a higher magic level. There are of course peak values and many paladins with values below the average magic level. On average though, even a high level paladin will not have a much higher magic level. The shielding of paladins develops a bit better than that of mages. Since paladins are distance fighters, that is of course the skill that they develop the best. On average, a level 100 paladin has a distance skill of 93, a magic level of 19, and a weapon skill between 30 and 33.

For knights, as melee fighters, the shielding skill and the weapon skills, such as axe fighting, club fighting and sword fighting are important. As you can see in the chart, all three weapon skills and shielding pretty much develop with the same speed. On average, a level 100 knight has a magic level of 6, a shielding skill of 83, and a weapon skill of 88.


Where do all these brave warriors and adventurers live? What is the population of the Tibian cities?
Approximately 1.7 million characters do not even have a vocation yet, so practically speaking, those would be the inhabitants of Rookgaard. Thais is the most popular city with about 1.8 million inhabitants. Carlin has 1.4 million inhabitants. Only about 150,000 characters stay in Kazordoon, making this the least popular city that is in a free account area. Seems like not everybody gets along well with these grumpy dwarfs.
Darashia is the most popular city in a premium area, with about 67,000 inhabitants, closely followed by Edron, with about 56,000 inhabitants. 19,000 Tibians have already moved to the youngest city in Tibia, Yalahar, and merely about 4,000 adventurers favour the cold and rough climate of Svargrond.

City Inhabitants
Thais 1,758,998
Rookgaard 1,698,125
Carlin 1,359,321
Venore 1,032,443
Ab'Dendriel 319,129
Kazordoon 150,941
Darashia 67,182
Edron 56,473
Ankrahmun 34,392
Liberty Bay 21,731
Yalahar 18,964
Port Hope 16,177
Svargrond 4,299

Missing in this chart are all gamemaster characters, as well as the characters of CipSoft members. They usually reside in the Isle of Solitude, the gamemaster island. This census was taken in the mid of May. Since moving to a different city in Tibia is nothing compared to moving house in real life, these numbers vary every day, but not greatly.

Player Deaths

Many adventurers face death in many fights on a daily basis. They either fight against other players, or monsters. Looking at the statistics, the risk of dying by the hands of another Tibia player is higher than the risk of being killed by a monster. Taking the week from May 9th to May 16th, for example, 211,916 Tibia characters were killed by other Tibia players, while only 161,763 characters were killed by monsters. 18,529 characters died from element forces, such as fire or poison fields, that no other player can be accounted for.
The most dangerous monster in Tibia seems to be the rat. Rats were responsible for 9,998 character deaths during that one week. However, Tibians usually revenge their deaths. They have killed 11,029,979 rats in this one week, which means that for every character that had to die because of a rat, 1,103 rats had to give their lives. The most killed monster by Tibians is the rotworm, however. 37,718,016 of them were slain during just one week. No wonder they try to hide underground.

Seeing that PvP causes more deaths than the fight against monsters, it is no surprise that the most banishments imposed on players are for unjustified player killing. The second top reason for banishments is using unofficial software to play. These top two banishment reasons already make up more than 50 % of all banishments in Tibia.

Typical Tibia player

After having read all these numbers, we can try to describe the typical Tibia player: He's most likely male, about 20 years old, comes probably from Brazil or Poland, plays a male character that is roughly speaking around level 20. The chances that his character is a knight are higher than him being a druid, however, the number of knights, druids, sorcerers and paladins is pretty even, so he could really have any vocation. His skills as a knight would be roughly about 46 in shielding and about 50 in his weapon skill, no matter if he uses axes, clubs or swords. If he is a mage, his magic level would be around 20. As a paladin, he would have a distance skill of about 52, a magic level of 8, and his melee weapon skill would be around 22.
Since there are far more free accounts than premium accounts, our typical Tibia player is probably a free account player. His 2-3 characters most likely reside either in Thais or Carlin. He has probably died in PvP before, maybe he even fell victim to a rat in his early days. If he has done so, he surely took revenge and helped free some cities of rat plagues.

Does this describe you? Are you the typical Tibia Player? Let us know if this description that was created only from statistical numbers meets you, or if you, which is more likely, are completely different...

We hope you enjoyed this short insight into our database!
Your Community Managers