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Retro Open PvP Game World

Tibia is quite an old game and of course it has been developed further during the years. During this time, also the PvP system has been revamped several times. However, there is a number of players who are fond of the former PvP system. For this reason we introduced Retro Open PvP game worlds where you can explore the same old and new areas like on other game worlds but can enjoy nearly the same PvP system like in the old days.
Just like on Open PvP game worlds, it is allowed to attack other characters on Retro Open PvP game worlds in certain limits. The main features of Retro Open PvP game worlds are the following:

  • supporting (healing, blocking etc.) an attacker does not lead to any form of punishment
  • if a character is killed by other characters, no more than 2 characters will be identified and punished as killer of this character: the one which dealt the most damage and the one which dealt the fatal hit
  • for both of these 2 characters, the death counts as a full unjustified kill, therefore players get a red skull for 3 unjustified kills in 24 hours (5 in 7 days; 10 in 30 days) and a black skull for 6 unjustified kills in 24 hours (10 in 7 days; 20 in 30 days)
  • using "Paralyse" leads to a white skull and a protection zone block
  • after the kill, the characters identified as killer suffer from a protection zone block for 15 minutes, all other characters which dealt damage suffer from a protection zone block for 1 minute
  • just like on hardcore PvP game worlds, you cannot walk through other characters
  • if a character dies in a PvP fight, the death penalty is the same as if it had been killed by some creature
  • the PvP blessing "Twist of Fate" is not available (neither ingame nor in the Store) and will simply be ignored if a character is protected by one (e.g. after a character world transfer)
  • characters of the same party are marked with a green skull - killing a character with a green skull counts as justified kill
  • except for the green skull, there are no special group regulations for guilds or parties
  • characters that try to deal damage or use "Paralyse" in a PvP fight, always get a protection zone and logout block
  • characters who are attacked get a logout block
  • characters that defend themselves by trying to deal damage get a protection zone and logout block
  • damage from field spells only counts for the first 5 seconds after creation in PvP fights
  • creating such a field leads to a protection zone and logout block
  • the expert mode cannot be activated, however, the PvP button is usable
  • all characters standing on one field receive damage caused by area damage or field spell damage on this particular spot
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