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Extracting and Starting the Linux Client

Once you have downloaded the appropriate tarball for your system, please decompress it in a desired target folder. To do so, use the following command:

tar xfz tibia.x64.tar.gz

A new folder named "tibia-*" will be created, which contains the client and all supporting files.

To start Tibia you have to switch to the newly created Tibia folder. To do so, start the shell script "". Please understand that the client will not be able to find all necessary files to run the game if you try to start the client from any other location. If you want to create a desktop launch icon, you should also adjust the launcher to incorporate the working path for the application.

Note: On debian-based distributions, please make sure that the required is available on your system. You might also be able to solve the problem by symlinking the library to an existing version of* on your system.