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Reporting Bugs

(warning)  Please be aware that if you submit a bug report for the game the way described below, you will not receive a response. If you require an individual solution to a problem, please log into your Tibia account and submit a ticket explaining your issue.


If you find a bug in Tibia, you can report it by using the key combination Ctrl+Z

  • Select a fitting category for your bug report:
      • Typo
      • Technical
      • Other (select this if you are unsure which category your report fits best)
    (warning) If you want to report a map bug or an NPC text bug, please check the steps provided below.
  • Provide an explanation of the problem you experienced:
    • Describe step-by-step how to reproduce the bug.
    • Make it as detailed as necessary and as short as possible.
    • Focus on important information and leave out anything which is not crucial to understand the problem.
    • Your character name and the coordinates of the map field on which your character is standing are automatically included in your bug report, so you don't need to provide them.
  • Click on "Send" to submit your bug report. The submission of your bug report will be confirmed with the message "Comment sent" in your game window and server log.

How to Report Map Bugs:

  • To report map bugs, right-click on the map field you like to report.
  • Select the entry "Report Coordinate" from the context menu.
  • The coordinate you clicked on will be sent automatically with your report.
  • Describe the map bug.

How to Report NPC Text Bugs:

  • To report mistakes in NPC chats, right-click on the NPC text you like to report.
  • Select the context menu entry "Report Message".
  • The NPC's name and line will then be sent automatically with your report.
  • Quote the typo or mistake.

(warning) Some General Information 

  • To be able to report bugs, your account must have accumulated at least 30 loyalty points.
  • Each account can submit up to 5 bug reports per day.
  • An account can be blocked from submitting bug reports, e.g. in case of abusing the bug report function.
  • The bug report function is reserved exclusively for bugs. Do NOT use it to report any rule violations!