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Credit Card Misused for Tibia Service Purchase

We are sorry to hear that your credit or debit card has been used without your permission. Please check if it is possible that a member of your family or a friend gained access to your card to order Premium services for the online games Tibia ( or TibiaME ( This is a common scenario, so please understand that we have to ask.

If it was nobody from your family, you should contact your local police station, your credit or debit card company and bank to report the credit or debit card fraud. In any case you should have the used card cancelled to prevent any further unauthorised payments. Your card company or bank will also be able to assist you in returning funds which were taken from you without your consent.

If an official inquiry is started by the police, we will gladly assist them with any information they may require from us. Kindly give them our contact details if they ask you for them. All relevant information is available on our company website