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Reporting Illegal Ingame Texts

Illegal ingame texts (e.g. letters, blackboards etc.) can be reported directly to customer support. To do so, right-click on the item that contains the text and select "Report Text".

  1. On the first page, please select the Tibia Rule which is violated by the text. If the text does not fit into any of the given categories, do not report it. If in doubt whether a text is illegal, do not report it.
  2. If you report a non-English text, please offer a translation in the first field. In the second field, you must enter a comment with additional information on why you are reporting this text.
  3. Please check if you have entered everything correctly. Click on "Submit" to send your report to customer support.

Note: You may only have 20 pending reports at a time (excluding bot/macro reports). A report is set on pending until customer support has processed it.
Further, you will not be able to make any reports if you have made too many invalid reports in the last 30 days. In the Rule Violation Reports section on your account page, you can check how many reports you have left.

Please also note that we cannot accept screenshots or videos as proof because they can be manipulated very easily.