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Recovery Key vs. Recovery TAN

Recovery Key

  • can be used an unlimited number of times to change the email address of the account instantly
  • players get a recovery key for their account when they register it for the first time
  • a new one can be ordered for a fee -> will be sent via postal services to the address in the account registration
  • valid until a new recovery key has been generated successfully
  • needed to connect an authenticator with a Tibia account and to disconnect an authenticator from a Tibia account


Recovery TAN

  • can be used 1x to change the email address of an account instantly
  • only for players who have also entered and verified their mobile phone number in their account registration
  • players get a recovery TAN sent to their mobile phone number whenever they order a new recovery key
  • valid only once and only 24 hours after the text message has been received
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