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Take Screenshots

To take screenshots, you can of course simply take a Print of your screen or use the selected Hotkey.

However, Tibia is offering a great way to take screenshots of important events of your Tibia adventure automatically. Go to the Options menu and make sure that you have checked the box for "Show Advanced Options". Under "Misc" you will find the article "Screenshots" which is offering various options:

  • Only Capture Game Window: Here you can select whether you like to take screenshots only from the game window or from the complete client interface.  
  • Keep Backlog: If you have chosen to keep the backlog, you will not only find the picture of the taken screenshot in your Screenshot Folder, but also the pictures of the previous 5 seconds. This will happen no matter if the screenshot is taken manually or automatically.
  • Enable Auto Screenshots: Here you can select if screenshots should be taken automatically. Below you have the option to choose events at which a screenshot should be taken automatically.


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