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Can I get a refund for services I have purchased with Tournament Coins?

Mounts and Outfits purchased with Tournament Coins in the last 14 days

If you never had a refund for a Mount or an Outfit purchased with Tournament Coins:

Please log into your account on the website, contact us and tell us which Outfit or Mount you like to have refunded.


If you already had a refund for a Mount or an Outfit purchased with Tournament Coins for this account:

Please understand that we refund Mounts and Outfits only once. A further refund is not possible.


Other services and mounts and outfits purchased more than 14 days ago

Please understand that these services are not refundable.

Keep in mind that house decorations and furniture need to be purchased by the character that owns the house. It is impossible to transfer house decorations to another character of your account if you purchased it with the wrong character.

Hint: If you purchased a wrong service and now need space in your Store inbox or capacity, you can still store the wrongly purchased items in your depot.

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