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Bidding For a Character

Bids are submitted on the Tibia website in the section Char Bazaar. Note that character auctions can only be paid with transferable Tibia Coins.

If you want to bid for a character, you can submit a bid limit, which has to be at least as high as the minimum bid in order to be accepted. Initially, the minimum bid is the starting price. However, it will be raised if a person bids on this character. Even though your bid limit may be higher than the minimum bid, you only bid as much as you need in order to have the highest bid. Let's look at an example:

Character A is being auctioned at a starting price of 700 TC. Consequently, the minimum bid is 700 TC.

  1. Player X submits a bid limit of 900 TC. The minimum bid is raised to 701 TC.
  2. Player Y submits a bid limit of 800 TC. The minimum bid is raised to 801 TC. Player X stays the highest bidder.
  3. Player Y submits a new bid limit of 1000 TC. The minimum bid is raised to 901 TC. Player Y has become the highest bidder.
  4. Player Y stays the highest bidder and wins the auction, having to pay 901 TC.

When you submit your bid limit, 10% of it will be reserved, meaning this amount of coins can no longer be accessed. Previously reserved Tibia Coins will be taken into account when submitting a new bid limit. Example:

  1. You submit a bid limit of 1000 TC. 100 TC are now reserved.
  2. You submit a new bid limit of 2000 TC. 200 TC are now reserved.

If 10% of the bid limit amounts to less than 51 TC, at least 51 TC are being reserved, meaning that in any case at least 51 TC are being reserved. Before you submit your bid, you will see how many TC exactly will be reserved.

Once the auction has ended and you are holding the highest bid, the price will be paid automatically if you have sufficient funds at this time. The Tibia Coins previously reserved will be made available for this purpose.

If you lack the necessary funds, you have 7 days to pay the selling price. In this case, you need to use the Char Bazaar to finalise the trade once you have the necessary funds. When paid, the character will appear in your character list after the next server save.

If you cannot pay the selling price after 7 days, the reserved Tibia Coins will be subtracted from your account's coin balance and the auction annulled.