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Which Things Do I Receive Along With the Purchased Character?

You will receive all things the character owns at the time the auction has been set up. This includes all items in the character's inventory, depot box, inbox, Store inbox and the stash, all mounts and outfits a character has purchased or earned as well as all Hirelings and related services. Note that Hirelings will receive a new automatically generated name after the purchase.

Further, the character keeps all skills, levels, quest flags, achievements, blessings, the reward streak, imbuements, titles, bestiary progress as well as Charms and Charm points. Also the character will stay on the same game world.

You can check out all things a character owns before you place your bid in the Char Bazaar by checking the auction details.


Warning: Characters on Rookgaard and Dawnport may own items which they can only access once they get to the main continent.