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What are the requirements to sell a character?

There are certain requirements that must be met by the sold character and by the account from which the character is sold.


  • may offer only one character for auction at a time
  • may not have an orange or red conduct level
  • must have enough transferable Tibia Coins to pay the reservation fee 
  • must be protected by two-factor-authentication


  • must be at least level 8
  • may not own any houses, bid on a house or have accepted a house transfer
  • may not be a member of a guild and may not have any open guild applications
  • may not have any running market auctions
  • may not be scheduled for deletion
  • may not be on a tournament game world
  • may not be marked with a skull
  • may not have any open Character World Transfers or a voucher for a Character World Transfer
  • must stand in a protection zone
  • can be married, but will be divorced once the character is transferred to the new account