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Letter for Recovery Key Not Arrived


Depending on where you live it may take up to 4 weeks respectively 6 weeks (South and Middle America) for the requested letter to arrive. Keep in mind that the letter has been sent to the address that was entered in the registration when the recovery key was ordered.

If this time has passed and no letter has arrived even though you are sure that the address in the account registration is correct, please log into your account and contact customer support. In case you cannot access your account anymore, please contact us via [email protected]

  • In case you have corrected your address in the account registration after ordering the recovery key, you will have to order the recovery key again once you have confirmed the correct address after the waiting time of 30 days. Note that you will have to pay again for this service.
  • If the account is not registered correctly with your address and you do not have access to it anymore, it is not possible for you to get a new recovery key for this account.