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Registering Accounts

How to register your account:

  1. Click on "Register Account".
  2. Carefully read the information on the next page.
  3. Enter your personal information. If you ever need to request a new recovery key, the information you enter here will be printed on an envelope of a postal letter. If you enter wrong information, you will not be able to receive this postal letter!

    Due to technical issues, you cannot use any special characters in the account registration. Please replace them: e.g. ł = l, ñ = n, ä = ae etc.

    • First Name: This is your name, as you can find it on your identity card. Do not fill in this field with your character name or your nickname.
    • Last Name: This is the name that you share with other members of your family. Please fill in this field with the information as you can find it on your identity card.
    • Street Address: You need to fill in this field with the name of the street you live in.
    • House Number: Here you should enter your house number.
    • Additional Information: Optionally you can enter additional information that is needed to reach your letter box, e.g an apartment number or a possible different name on your mailbox (c/o).
    • Postal Code: That is usually a code that specifies the city or the area you live in. It is also known as zip code.
    • City: You need to fill in this field with the name of your city, the town you live in.
    • Country: You need to pay special attention when choosing your country from the drop down menu. Please double check.
    • State/Province: Choose your state or province from the drop down menu. Note that this information is essential in many countries.
    • Mobile Phone: Enter here your mobile phone number to receive a recovery TAN whenever you order a new recovery key.

  4. After you have clicked on "Continue", you will be asked to verify your data and to confirm them with your password. Please take your time to check if all information is correct. Enter your password and click on "Submit" if all data is correct, or click on "Back" if you need to change information.

Note: If your account is older than 360 days when you register it for the first time, you will receive an email with a confirmation link after you click "Submit". Your registration will only be valid once you have successfully clicked on this link to confirm your request to register your account.