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What is the Conduct Level?

The conduct level serves as an indicator which allows you to assess your account's standing in terms of rule violations.

If you have an entry in your rule violation record, your conduct level is displayed on your account page as a button, which comes in various colours:
green indicates the most harmless level, while yellow, orange, red and finally black indicate a progressively more serious situation.

If your account's conduct level is green, for example, you have only committed minor rule violations or a long time has passed since you last violated the Tibia Rules. On the other hand, if your account's conduct level is black, you have violated the Tibia Rules many times or in a very serious manner. It is important to note that as your conduct level colour gets darker, further punishments will result in progressively tougher punishments. In other words, the darker your conduct level colour the closer your account is to deletion!

To make sure your conduct level does not increase, please reread the Tibia Rules carefully and make sure to follow them at all times. If you do so, your conduct level will eventually decrease until the indicator is no longer displayed.

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