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Categories of Rule Violation Entries

Every confirmed reported rule violation is assessed by the Tibia customer support team. Depending on how serious the rule violation was, the corresponding entry in the rule violation record is put into one of five categories:
"Very Mild", "Mild", "Moderate", "Severe" and "Very Severe".

Entries of the first category are little more than trifles which should be seen as mere notices that a certain kind of behaviour is undesirable. The more serious a rule violation is, however, the graver the selected severity of the entry will be.

The severity of an entry is one key factor that determines the punishment that is issued for the rule violation, with "Very Severe" entries actually resulting in immediate account deletions. Keep in mind, however, that even minor entries can trigger account deletions, depending on the account's conduct level. Thus, if an account has already reached a black conduct level, even a very minor rule violation can suffice to tip the balance in favour of a deletion.

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