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What is Tibia?
How does my child benefit from playing Tibia?
Are there risks that I should be aware of?
What does CipSoft do to help protect my child?
What can I do to help protect my child?
Where should I turn to if legal actions are needed?
Further reading suggestions


This parent's guide has been designed to provide you with information about the online role playing game Tibia. We want to give you, as a parent, the possibility to understand the game your child is playing. This guide informs you not only about important game aspects, but also the educational benefits the game provides. In a virtual world like Tibia, where thousands of people meet, it is essential for us to offer a safe gaming environment to our players. This guide explains some features that we have introduced to ensure that the game is safe and enjoyable for everybody. Finally, we would also like to give you some advice on how you can support your child to be safe in a virtual environment - not just in Tibia, but in any virtual world.

What is Tibia?

Tibia is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. This means that players from all over the world meet in a virtual environment to play together, achieve set goals, communicate and most importantly, have fun. In Tibia, players have numerous ways to enjoy the game. Either on their own, or together in a team, they can solve tricky riddles and quests, master exciting adventures, or just chat with their friends.
When visiting the medieval world of Tibia, players can slip into the role of an adventurer, such as a knight or a sorcerer. By fighting monsters like trolls or dragons, players prove their courage and skills and develop their characters further. The goods that an adventurer obtains in a hunt can either be sold to other players or to implemented traders. With the virtual money that players receive, they can choose to buy new equipment or food. Players that have collected a substantial amount of money, can also rent a house which can be furnished to their own taste. Have a look at our page What is Tibia to find out more about our game. Of course, you are also invited to browse other pages of our website to obtain more information.

How does my child benefit from playing Tibia?

Playing Tibia does not only provide much fun, but also helps to develop certain skills. Getting to know people from all over the world and exchanging ideas with people from different countries will broaden your child's mind, which is surely an advantage in today's times of globalisation.
Tibia's game design also offers great possibilities to practise social skills. Players learn that their own actions and behaviour have a direct influence on the way they are treated by others. Moreover, many of the tasks that players have to fulfil in Tibia can only be solved as a team. For this reason communication skills and teamwork are encouraged whilst playing Tibia. It also teaches you how to coordinate actions with other players and how to function in a team.
Tibia's trading system is another aspect your child will benefit from. Trading allows players to understand the principles of an economic system. Assessing prices of game objects is an important aspect in trades with other players. Thereby, players learn to understand the principles of supply and demand.
Finally, players usually use English if they meet players from other countries. For this reason, many players who do not speak English as their first language effortlessly improve their language skills while playing Tibia.

Are there risks that I should be aware of?

As Tibia is played via the internet, it contains the same risks as any other virtual environment. With the right preparation though, these risks can be minimised. This guide gives you important hints on how you can support your child in learning responsible behaviour in virtual environments.

All players in Tibia interact through anonymous characters. Players should be aware that they do not know the majority of people behind the other characters. In virtual environments, everybody can choose a random identity and behave accordingly. A player might pretend to be female ingame, but is male in real life. This has benefits, but also poses a risk as some people try to exploit their anonymity. Prepare your child not to expose personal details such as real name, age, gender, address, phone number, email address, etc. All this information is not relevant for playing the game. The only place where it is necessary to enter real life data is the registration of an account which is an important security feature. Of course CipSoft will not give away this kind of information to third parties which is explained in our privacy policy.
Please advise your child that conversations in which he or she feels uncomfortable should not be carried on. Your child should not hesitate to use the ingame features Tibia offers for protection. Moreover, your child can always turn to one of our staff members or our voluntary helpers for advice. Of course it is also extremely helpful if children know that they can always turn to their parents or guardians in an unpleasant situation.
Even though most of the Tibia players are nice and friendly, it is never advisable to meet people in real life you only know from the internet. If your child plans to meet other Tibia players nonetheless, make sure that you are always informed about such meetings or even accompany your child. Also, such meetings should only take place in public places. The majority of players will surely not pose any risk to your child, but the rule is: "Better safe than sorry".

Hacking in Tibia mainly refers to gaining access to another player's account with the help of illegal tools, corrupted files which contain keyloggers or viruses, or websites designed to steal account data. Of course, keyloggers and viruses are a security risk for all actions you perform on the infected computer, and not only for playing Tibia. It is not possible to directly send files to another player in Tibia, however, hackers might try to trick your child to visit such websites or to download files by sending text messages through Tibia's chat system. For this reason, it is essential to teach your child not to follow links or to download any files that other players advertise.
Tibia's chat system has a safety feature which hinders from simply copying a URL out of the chat console. Whenever you are about to copy a link, a warning message is displayed. This warning reminds all players that copying links poses a security risk. Additionally, all URLs posted by players in Tibia's forum are not hyperlinked for security reasons, and if they are posted, a warning message is displayed that your account can be hacked by looking at external websites.
Please take the time and read together with your child our security hints as they give very valuable information on how to play Tibia safely.

Unsuitable Websites for Minors
Some links posted in Tibia's chat system do not pose a security risk but lead to websites that are unsuitable for minors, e.g. websites that contain sexual content. Again, Tibia's link protection will warn all players whenever they try to copy a link out of the chat console.

Health Issue
Tibia does not pose a risk to your child's health, however, prolonged use of a computer might do. In Tibia, an ingame feature called stamina helps to prevent that players are online non-stop. Without any stamina left, a character will not gain any experience points or loot and thus does not develop further. Stamina can only be regained by logging off the game or by standing in a resting area. However, stamina does not guarantee that a player is not sitting in front of a computer for too long. It is in any case advisable to find a good balance between playing Tibia and other leisure activities away from the computer.

What does CipSoft do to help protect my child?

CipSoft offers two different ways of protection. First of all, there are certain ingame features such as the already mentioned stamina or the link warning messages. Secondly, Tibia players can always use Tibia's report system to gain help.

Ingame Features
Whenever someone feels disturbed by another Tibia player, we recommend to put the character name on the ignore list. Any further messages from characters in the ignore list will not be displayed. Furthermore, players can put their friends on a whitelist and only allow characters from this list to message them directly. This way it can be easily avoided to receive insulting or improper messages in the first place.
Another ingame feature offered by Tibia's chat system is an integrated warning that is displayed whenever a player tries to copy a link. The warning reminds all players of possible dangers when copying links.
Moreover, players have to follow the Tibia Rules. All players have to agree to these rules before they can start playing the game. Of course all statements that are insulting, racist, sexually related, drug-related, harassing or generally objectionable are prohibited by these rules. The Tibia Rules are the basis on which players can be excluded from the game.

Report System
Our report function allows all players to report rule violations such as inappropriate statements from the game or from the forum that violate the Tibia Rules directly to CipSoft's customer support.

If you have a request or concern, you are welcome to contact customer support.

What can I do to help protect my child?

There are several ways how you can help to prevent problems for your child in Tibia. We strongly advise you to talk with your children about the problems and risks mentioned in this guide, as this will not only teach them to play Tibia safely, but also to be safe on the internet in general.
We would also like to invite you to join Tibia yourself and create a character to get to know the game in more detail. This will help you to understand the problems more clearly your child might experience when playing. Tibia can be played for free as long as you like.

Where should I turn to if legal actions are needed?

If ever a situation occurs in which legal actions are necessary, please contact your local authorities. Please understand that we cannot take any legal action on your behalf. Only the aggrieved person can file charges. Of course, we will cooperate with the local authorities and help to the best of our possibilities whenever we are contacted by them.

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